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UK Coronavirus updates – Everything you want to know

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The United Kingdom is a group of four nations,  that is highly affected by the coronavirus. The total number of confirmed the coronavirus cases reached 124,743 and more than 16,500 already died due to this cruel infection. They are also doing a good number of coronavirus tests every day.  Let’s have a detailed look at the UK coronavirus updates, data & figures and analyze them to get some idea about why and how all happened in the United Kingdom.

Confirmed Cases

186,599↑ 4,339


28,446↑ 315

United Kingdom daily coronavirus confirmed cases

United Kingdom daily Deaths due to Coronavirus chart

Some facts and figures on UK Coronavirus crisis

Number of Confirmed Coronavirus cases: 186,599

Total Number of Death: 28,446

First Case Found:  2020-01-30

Confirmed Cases till 2020-03-01: 81

Confirmed Cases on 2020-03-11: 1,152

First Death was reported: 2020-03-05

Highest Number of Cases on a Single Day: 4,424 on 2020-04-07

Highest Number of Death on a Single Day: 980 on 2020-04-10

The nation in the UK has most Number of confirmed cases: England

Total Number of Confirmed Cases in England: 93,030

The region of the UK has Most Number of Confirmed Cases: London

Total Number of Confirmed Cases in London: 21,654

United Kingdom Nation-Wise Coronavirus Cases

Data Source: GOV.UK | Updated : 2020-05-03 11:00PM

UK Coronavirus Updates and News with Timeline

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the first case registered in the UK when two students (same family) from the University of York found COVID-19 positive


the White House Coronavirus Task Force was established to prevent the virus


UK government declared the public health emergency and restricted all travelers from China


This day the UK faced First Death due to COVID-19 in Bershire


The government introduced the Coronavirus Act 2020.


The government lockdown the entire population including School, restaurants, and all not so essential places.


This day, the UK recorded 4424 confirmed cases of the coronavirus which was the highest number of positive cases on a single day.


The UK recorded 980 deaths in one day which is still the highest number of death in a single day in the UK.

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