ITALY Coronavirus Update in a timeline and analysis of COVID-19 Outbreak

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Coronavirus has impacted each and every human being on the planet. Most countries are facing so many challenges to fight against this deadly virus.  Italy is one of the countries which are badly affected by COVID-19. Let’s have a look at some of the data and facts which may give us some idea about why and how all happened in Italy.

Coronavirus Cases

210,717↑ 1,389





Daily number of confirmed Corona cases ITALY
Data Source: Ministero della Salute | Updated: 2020-04-20

Italy Coronavirus Live Data.csv

Some facts and figures on Italy Coronavirus update

Number of Coronavirus Confirmed cases: 210,717
Total Number of Death: 28,884

Recovered patients: 81,654

First Confirmed Case Found: 2020-01-30

Cases till 2020-02-22: 9

Cases on 2020-02-29: 888

First Death was registered: 2020-02-22

Highest Number of Cases on a Single Day: 6,557 on 2020-03-22

Highest Number of Death on a Single Day: 971 on 2020-03-28

The region in Italy have Most Number of Confirmed Cases: Lombardy

Total Number of Confirmed Cases in Lombardy: 66,971

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Daily number of deaths ITALY chart image
Data Source: Ministero della Salute | Updated: 2020-04-20

Italy Coronavirus Update and News with Timeline

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2 Chinese tourists were found COVID-19 positive in Rome


After these two cases, the Italian government suspended all air-lifting to and from China and declared an emergency state


16 COVID-19 cases found in Lombardy


First Death was registered on this day with the additional 60 new COVID-19 cases found


Italian government put Lombardy and other 14 northern provinces on quarantine


Italian government put all Italy on quarantine


Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, ordered to stop all commercial activities except grocery and medicine stores


Government restricted all people movement and prohibited almost every businesses and the industries which are not essential


Italy encountered the highest number of confirmed cases (in other words) 6557, which was the most number of cases on one single day by any country after China (in other words) 15141 on 2020-02-12


This day Italy faced the toughest day of all time when 971 people died on the same day which was the highest number of death in a single day by any country at that time

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