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China Coronavirus updates in a timeline and analysis of COVID-19 Outbreak

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This time we carefully study Corona Virus data and news about where it all started. It all started from Wuhan which is a small city from China in Hubei but now it spread across the globe. This unfortunate event taught the whole human race about the reality of life. Everything you had planned and thought to do is just a matter of sharp turn from life but the reality is that anything can happen anytime.

Now situation in China under control but it is important to carefully study the data about China coronavirus so that we can understand how and when these coronavirus widespread disease started.

Daily Confirmed Corona cases China Chart
Daily Confirmed Corona cases China Chart

Sources as on 04-15-2020:  ,European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control  wikipedia & WHO

Some facts and figures on China Coronavirus updates

  • Number of Confirmed cases including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau: 83,797

  • Total Number of Death: 3,342

  • Recovered patients: 77,892

  • First Case Observed and Reported: 2019-12-31

  • Confirmed cases at the time of the first Report: 27

  • Cases on 2020-01-18: 80

  • Cases on 2020-01-26: 1988

  • First Death was registered: 2020-01-11

  • Highest Number of Cases on a Single Day: 15,141 on 2020-02-12

  • Highest Number of Death on a Single Day: 254 on 2020-02-12

  • The Province of China has Most Number of Confirmed Cases: Hubei

  • Total Number of Confirmed Cases in Hubei: 67,803

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Daily Number of deaths caused by Coronavirus China chart
Daily Number of deaths caused by Coronavirus China chart

China Coronavirus Updates and News with Timeline

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2019-12-31: China first time reported some patients having almost the same signs of dangerous lung disease in Wuhan, Hubei, which bring the novel coronavirus existence on earth.

2020-01-11: The Wuhan government announced the first death due to COVID-19 when a 61-year-old man died from breathing and lung related failure

2020-01-12: China shared the COVID-19 genetic information publicly to other countries

2020-01-13: First case of coronavirus was found outside of China when a person from Wuhan, China found positive in Thailand

2020-01-29: under isolated (to protect from spreading disease) also the lockdown were put into use on other cities of Mainland China

2020-02-07: Li Wenliang, a doctor who first identified the sign (of sickness) of breath related issues cause by common issue like SARS, died

2020-02-12: This day China found highest number of confirmed cases (in other words) 15,141 with 254 people died on the same day which was highest number of death in a single day by any country at that time

2020-03-13: Mostly businesses outside of Hubei was active again

2020-03-19: Chinese officials confirmed that they did not found any positive case since this widespread disease started

2020-04-08: China pulled off the 76-days Lockdown from Wuhan

Whether this COVID-19 named crisis finish in some time but its effect on world economies and human hearts will not going to vanish so easily in coming future.

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