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The United States Coronavirus updates in a timeline and analysis of COVID-19 crisis

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Corona Virus which is proved deadliest enemy for humans as death numbers keep increasing every day with an increasing rate. Though, no country left untouched from this epidemic, one country which undoubtedly left every country behind in this unfortunate race. United States of America (US) claimed and proved number one in every good aspect but this time they also topped where no one wants to top the list as its COVID-19 patients keep rising. The US has the most number of Confirmed Corona active cases with the most number of deaths. Let’s have a look at the United States coronavirus updates, data & figures and analyze them to get some idea about why and how all happened in the United States.

Confirmed Cases




Daily confirmed corona cases US chart
Sources as on 04-20-2022: World Health Organisation & CDC office site

Some facts and figures on the United States Coronavirus crisis

Number of Confirmed Coronavirus cases: 1,122,486

Total Number of Death: 65,735

First Case Found:  2020-01-21

Confirmed Cases till 2020-03-01: 69

Confirmed Cases on 2020-03-11: 1,025

First Death was registered: 2020-03-01

Highest Number of Cases on a Single Day: 35,527 on 2020-04-11

Highest Number of Death on a Single Day: 2,087 on 2020-04-11

The Jurisdiction of the United States has Most Number of Confirmed Cases: New York

Total Number of Confirmed Cases in New York: 238,138

United States Coronavirus Live Data

Daily Number of deaths US chart

The United States Coronavirus Updates and News with Timeline

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first case registered in Washington State when a person returned from Wuhan, China and found COVID-19 positive


the White House Coronavirus Task Force was established to prevent the virus


US government declared the public health emergency and restricted all travelers from China


This day the United States faced First Death due to COVID-19


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released guidelines advising to cancel or postpone all in-person events which need 50 people or more throughout the United States.


Total number of COVID-19 test has reached 1,280,000 which surpassed South Korea in performing this test


This day the United States faced the toughest day of all time. As they found the highest number of confirmed cases (in other words) 35,527 with 2087 people died on the same day. This was the highest number of death in a single day by any country

We hope this death troll will end very soon for the United States and once again economy and people start growing because if  Corona will make more loss, it will not at all good for the United States in long run in the term of economy.

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